Vegan Voyage Packing: Travel Clothes, Shoes and More

Vegan Voyage Packing: Travel Clothes, Shoes and More

We are off on a 21 Country Vegan Voyage! What to pack for a trip around the world guidelines:

  • Bulky items: only bring what we really need (fewer the better or buy a lightweight version)
  • Lightweight items: take what will keep us healthy, use often, or would be difficult to buy abroad

Check out this blog on Luggage, Makeup and Miscellaneous

Travel Clothes!

Travel Clothes are the trickiest things to pack, especially for women. Here are the key tips and tricks when shopping for travel clothes and packing your bag:

  • NO COTTON: it may be cheap and soft but it’s bulky, horrible at wicking sweat, drying quickly, and saying fresh. Any cotton you bring will stink up your whole bag quickly. Ideally, completely avoid cotton! This may be difficult, especially being vegan and also avoiding wool, but if any article of clothing is made of over 25% cotton, don’t bring it.
  • Lightweight: the heavier and more volume your clothes are, the less you can bring. Find articles that are as lightweight as possible so you can bring more and/or keep your load light.
  • Cover up: if you’re going to any countries with intense sunlight or mosquito-carrying diseases, it’s best to bring clothes which cover up your skin as much as possible. Loose fitting and long-sleeved clothing (and long pants) are critical in bug bite prevention and sun protection. This is also important for travel to any holy places with coverup rules, which are stricter for women.
  • Colors matter: bright and dark colors attract mosquitos. It’s best to pick neutral colors like pastels to keep the bugs away. See my travel health blog for other mosquito health prevention guidance! (HEATLH BLOG COMING SOON)

I know what you’re thinking, how do I follow all of these rules and find clothes I actually want to wear? It’s not easy. This is why we started shopping for clothes months before our trip. After much online shopping, several trips to REI and the outlet mall, we were able to find a lot of good clothes that hit the mark for most of these requirements.

Women Travel Clothes:

Cute, light weight travel clothes can be tough to pack. In my opinion, versatile is the name of the game. Because you will be wearing the same clothes over and over dressing them up, down, and differently makes one small suitcase feel like a fun wardrobe.

Lulus Dresses and Sandals

I purchased a few dresses from Lulu’s because they are fun dresses that are versatile. Many of them you can dress up for a nice dinner night out, make sassy for a night club evening, wear with some hiking shoes for a photo worthy hike, or sandals to stroll around a hot city.

Check out cute clothes at Lulus (this is an affiliate link, so I get a little something something if you purchase through this link)


Some people say leggings aren’t pants, but I am NOT one of those people. I love leggings and live in them most of the time. prAna leggings have made me the happiest girl in the world. They are so comfortable and so versatile. I can fly for long flights in leggings, go on a crazy hike scrambling over rocks, or dress up the solid black ones with a nice shirt and look presentable at meetings. I can’t imagine this trip without them.

prAna Pillar Legging

prAna Momento Legging


Anatomie is fashion clothing designed specifically for travel. They have tops, dresses, outerwear, and pants. I swear by my Anatomie jacket and Safari pants. They do a great job of keeping bugs and heat off when we are in warmer climates, and keeping me dry and warm in colder climates.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my ANATOMIE gear so here are links to some of my favorite items.

ANATOMIE Skylar Pants

ANATOMIE Merika Wind Breaker

ANATOMIE Lily Mesh Hoodie

ANATOMIE Budha Mesh Top

ANATOMIE Kenya Safari Jacket

ANATOMIE Harper Jumpsuit / Romper


I brought a small bag with my favorite makeup items. Check out my blog on cruelty-free vegan beauty products to see the items I love.


Non-vegans swear by merino wool for many of their travel clothes, especially socks. While we won’t argue that wool does an amazing job, there are great alternatives out there that don’t harm sheep with your purchase. We researched many and tried on a few different vegan socks and recommend these Thirty 48 Ultralight Athletic Running Socks for their materials, comfort, and price.

Unfortunately shoes are some of the bulkier items you can pack so picking them wisely is key to being comfortable on the go. Finding versatile footwear will allow you to bring fewer shoes while being happy in any situation.

Men’s Shoes:

For men, you should be able to get by with just a versatile pair of shoes and pair of Chacos, which are comfortable and durable sport sandals. Look for something that looks great with shorts and pants, is lightweight, waterproof (or quick drying if you don’t mind wet feet), and vegan of course! The Vivobarefoot Magna Trail Shoes were the best fit we found on the market for all of these needs. They have some ankle support for hiking and bug bite protection, they are water resistant, very lightweight, and look good with everything.

Women’s Shoes:

A sturdy pair of hiking shoes, something low profile that you can sneak under your dress in a pinch if you need to walk a long way to get somewhere that you don’t want to be wearing hiking clothes. These Under Armour Vegan Running Shoes do the trick.

A pair of water proof hiking shoes. I bought a pair of Vessi Footware and really like them.

Sandals from Lulus


If you’re anything like us, having a comfortable pillow that you’re used to goes a long way to a good night’s sleep. Instead of leaving your big comfy pillow at home, buy this Coop travel pillow if you have enough space.

Alternatively, we created two travel pillows using the stuffing one Coop pillow we already owned and two sets of toddler/travel pillowcases. We recommend this case to hold the stuffing then this comfy bamboo case on the outside that can be easily washed whenever you do laundry. These are large enough to rest your head but small enough to compact into a tight space when you’re on the go.

Depending on where you are staying, you should be provided sheets and towels. However, some hostels don’t provide them free of charge which can add up over a long trip. Similarly, booking lodging in less developed countries can be difficult and it’s easy to find yourself staying somewhere that isn’t as clean as you prefer. This is why we packed two key items: a travel sheet and microfiber towel. This 2-person travel sheet/liner is perfect for laying on top of your queen bed and under the bedding so you can feel clean and at home even in low quality accommodations. Similarly, bringing a microfiber towel (camping or yoga towels are perfect) is ideal because they are lightweight and dry quickly if you get in a pinch.


  • Goddess Garden Sunscreen Stick: this travel stick is small but goes a long way. It rubs on easily without the mess and comes from an awesome company that cares about animals and the environment.
  • Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap: this soap is very versatile. We use it primarily as laundry detergent and body/hand wash but it can be used for almost any cleaning purpose that you run into. Plus it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and higher concentration than most liquid soaps, making it great for travel.
  • 2 in 1 Travel Curling Iron and Hair Straightener: small and portable option for both curling and straightening needs. The locking knob on the tip can get in the way but hopefully with practice it isn’t too annoying.

Miscellaneous items:

  • USB Wall Charger: this 4 port charger is small and compact for travel. Instead of figuring out how to rotate all of your devices through the limited number of outlets or power adapters, make sure to bring a charging hub with at least four ports to charge all of your units at once. This is a gamechanger.
  • If you’re bringing a DSLR or mirrorless camera, finding a good tripod can be difficult. They are bulky and expensive. We are excited by this one by Dolica because it’s very compact and was affordable, especially the used one we got off Amazon!
  • If you are a light sleeper, like white noise, are easily woken up by outside noise, or want to have a portable speaker with you, get the LectroFan Micro Wireless Sound Machine and Speaker. It provides deep ambient noise to help you sleep and can also be paired with Bluetooth to listen to tunes on the go or in your lodging.

Packing tips:

  • For long trips out of a single bag, a key trick is to utilize packing cubes. These cubes can fit about 8 shirts or 6 pairs of shorts/pants each. The different colors help you keep track of what’s in them so you can quickly and easily get to what you need to without getting your bag all disorganized.
  • Another great tip is to buy a pack of carabiners to clip gear on to your pack. They are useful for carrying bulky items, or wet items that need to dry on the outside of your pack. They are lightweight and have saved the day many times for me in the past. It’s also critical to clip your water bottle to your bag so it can’t fall out while moving around.
  • Footwear is a frustrating thing to pack so find a good travel shoe bag that can fit all of your shoes (less one pair for wearing) and clip it to the outside of your pack with one of your carabiners.

Thanks for being on this journey with us!


Seyka & Brian

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