What We Can Do For You

Our transformative advising services will make your establishment more popular, save your organization money and time, elevate your recruiting and retention of millennial employees, and give you opportunities to further ethical missions, all with our fun, engaging, professional and warm team.

For Goodness Seyks Advising
  • Advise your business to equip you for the fast-emerging market of veganism worldwide and in the US specifically.
  • Help you grow your green by going green.
  • Design vegan menu items curated to fit your style, focusing on ingredients you already carry*
  • Provide:
    • Marketing material and strategies.
    • Training workshops and material.
    • Plant-based trends, focus points, and forecasts.
  • Advertise on your behalf to specialized communities through mainstream and specialized review sites, and social media.
  • Bonus Offers:
    *#1: coaching on gluten-free diets, health-conscious eaters, and other food sensitivities.
    *#2: coaching on eco-friendly sourcing and utilization of consumables.

Who We Help

  • Full-Service Restaurants
    • Stand-alone, Franchise, Chains
  • Cafes and Coffee Stores
  • Juice and Smoothie Bars
  • Natural Food Stores
  • School Cafeterias and Programs
  • Hospital Cafeterias
  • Work Cafeterias

Plant-based menu

Designing vegan menu items curated to fit your style, focusing on ingredients you already source.


Provide training workshops and material for your employees. Coach staff on thoughtful responses to vegan diners’ FAQs.


Marketing to vegan communities. Setup and coaching on mainstream and specialized review sites. Market trends, forecasts and focus points.

Food Sensitivity Coaching

Coaching on gluten-free diets, health-conscious eaters, as well as other food sensitivities.

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